All About Halloween Dresses And Accessories To Rock This October

All About Halloween Dresses And Accessories To Rock This October

Yay, it's Halloween! Get set ready to spook in style

The countdown to the scariest yet fun holiday fiesta, HALLOWEEN, begins now! It’s time when the hell and heaven collide, and pumpkins glow by moonlight. The best part of the night is that you get the chance to be creepily creative with your style statement. You can be whoever you want - scary or not. All you have to do is decide on the theme, find the coolest or sexy Halloween dresses, and add on quirky makeup to spook in style.

That’s right; all this sounds too much fun that you can only relish on the night of Halloween. However, shopping for the craziest yet perfect Halloween dresses isn’t a piece of cake. With so many things to do on your list, you may feel quite overwhelmed preparing for 31st October.

What Halloween dress should I wear? What color goes best on Halloween? How do I accessorize my dress to look unique? - All these are possible questions that can hit your mind while you’re busy arranging things for a high-spirited Halloween party. But, fret not! We are here to clear all your doubts and make sure you make a whoopee on your best holiday.

Check out our comprehensive guide on how to dress best for Halloween 2021.


Halloween, the crazy haunting American gala, happens every year in the fall on October 31st. The tradition of dressing up spooky and traipsing around with kids to play ‘TRICK n TREAT’ amazes people from all walks of life. Many of us are excited to know how did Halloween originate and why we celebrate it.


This fun fall holiday wasn’t always a stateside feast day. In reality, its history dates back at least 2000 years ago to Gaelic and Celtic rituals. The Gaelic festival of Samhain, the tradition always held on 1st November to mark the end of harvest festival and beginning of winter, sprung the trend of Halloween. The celebration used to start on the evening of the 31st October.

Ancients believed that on this day, the line between the living and dead grew blurred. The ghosts could visit the living and find their way to people’s homes. To keep the evil spirit at bay, people at that time set bonfires, dressed up as monsters, and shared heroic tales. They assumed that their scary dress-up wouldn’t let actual monsters consume them. From there - the trend of celebrating the haunted night as a Halloween began.

Do you know how do we celebrate Halloween now? Though the holiday isn’t much different than Samhain’s celebrations, you can surely relish more fun than before. Children plump for ghostly Halloween dress-up, go to people’s houses in the dark, knock on their door, and ask Trick or Treat. People then treat kids with candies.

Adults, on the other hand, have a gala time at Halloween parties. Dance, music, fun games, nutsy Halloween outfits, and glowing pumpkin decorations - all this makes Halloween the most amusing day of the year.


Nowadays, Halloween is more of a party rather than just a traditional celebration. People go on a spree on this day and have an exciting time with their pals. Girls, on Halloween, always look for unique ways to dress up for the ghostly party. Taking a cue from their favorite horror movies, devil characters from fairytales, and witches from Disney tales, they create a frightening yet bold statement to strike a pose on the Halloween bash.


Depending on your choice, your Halloween outfit can be both scary or bizarre. You need to cherry-pick the matching shoes, funky accessories, innovative makeup products, and glycerine-based paints for the final scary look.


Dressing up for Halloween is the most entertaining part, especially for teenage girls. However, if you are in a daze about how to look best for Halloween 2021, have a glance at our super-exclusive Halloween dress-up ideas below -

Wednesday Addam

If you dream of staying ahead in the Halloween fashion game, the idea of a Wednesday Addam Halloween costume is for you. ‘Wednesday’ is an upcoming Netflix series in which Catherine Zeta-Jones is signed to play the role of Morticia Addams, a lead girl with deadpan wit. You can plump for Morticia Addams Halloween costume to make your friends struck dumb at the Halloween party.

For that, you need to buy a knee-length black Halloween dress and pair it with nude makeup while reflecting the weird look. If somehow you cannot get the same dress, you can add white collars to a plain black dress to complete the look.

Angel And Devil

One of the most popular Halloween dress-up ideas is Angel and Devil. Snap up a short a-line Halloween theme dress for ladies with a mix of red and white color to create the look. If you want to go extra creative, give a touch-up of both angelic and devil makeup on the left and right sides of your face, respectively.

Candy Girl

Are you too cute to spook but still want to blend in the mysterious vibes of Halloween? If yes, hook for a candy girl look.

To be the sweetest monster ever, shop for pink-hued cute Halloween dresses, no matter short or high-low. What else? You can amp up your freakishness by going for the pink or purple hair extensions, a strange headband, and a lot of colorful hairpins.

Whatever be your final look, don’t forget to treat everyone with candies to spread more joy on this best day.

Mother Nature/Nature Fairy

Halloween is not just about going stark mad with pumpkins and skeletons. You can also make the day meaningful by considering it as a chance to promote your ‘Go Green’ drive. Wondering how? Dress up as mother nature or nature fairy in a short, long, or high-low green dress. Interestingly, you can easily find the green Halloween party dresses on sale online to make your Halloween memorable.

Not to forget - it’s still Halloween! So you have to make sure to be kooky with your mother nature dress. The simple way is to affix flowers on your head and a headband made of leaves. Necklace, earrings, and bracelets with nature motifs will also work.


Do ghosts love colors? Well, we have no idea about it. But we are sure that you, being a beautiful lady, can easily pull off any color on Halloween jamboree and be the prettiest ghost ever. Excited about it?

Take a look at the list of unique colors in Halloween dresses that you can rock while showing off a spooky character this fall.


Black, the most common yet boldest color, is a top pick for Halloween soiree among women of fashion. And why not? With this effortless chic color in women’s Halloween dresses, you can create a dreamy Halloween look other than Wednesday Addams.

FA spine-chilling vampire, cute Minni Mouse, a creepy scarecrow, a frightening batwoman, and a lot more! It is possible to say boo and scare people in any of these ghostly appearances with just a black dress in your wardrobe.


Red, the color of love, attracts zombies. If you feel enticed by such fantasies, the affordable red-colored Halloween dresses for adults are picture-perfect for you. Be it sheath, a-line, mermaid, or trumpet; a red Halloween outfit can help you imitate plentiful haunted looks from thriller movies or series.

Little Red Riding Hood, Tiered Vampire, Jessica Rabbit, and Belly Boop are some uncanny yet stylish Halloween impressions that you can strike in a red dress in 2021.


Silver shaded sequin and metallic Halloween dresses for plus-size and slim women are a hot trend in 2021. Picking the ‘ONE’ can help you dress up bizarro like an alien. You can also stand out at a Halloween hop by wearing a silver dress as a space cadet or a shooting star.


Do you know that the picturesque shade, purple, is also a best-loved color among witches? Just kidding! But you can indeed opt for the trendy purple color when shopping for Halloween dresses to show up as a witch at a Halloween gathering.

The Evil Queen from Snow White is one of the popular illustrations of a witch in a purple gown. Besides, for vintage vamp vibes, we suggest you snap up purple Halloween corset dresses from the lines of A-list designers.


Orange is another popular Halloween dress color among teenage and adult fashionistas. You can put on some pumpkin spice in your personality and cut a dash by having one in your closet. After all, nothing is more magical than a pumpkin shining on a scary Halloween fiesta.


Getting done with all the Halloween preparation is one of the tricky things. Especially when you are up to shop Halloween dresses to make a splash at the event, you need to consider many things in advance.

But don’t worry! With these expert tips, we are sure that you will end up shopping and styling your Halloween costume like a pro. Check them out!

1. Think About Your Halloween Look

Halloween isn’t your normal evening gala or a night party. Instead, it is a cultural yet vivacious festival where you have to carry your dress like you used to do during fancy dress competitions in your junior years of school. Thus, before shopping for Halloween dresses, you ought to decide on your Halloween look.

Based on whether your look will be sexy, scary, quirky, funny, or cute, you can then choose a Halloween outfit. Make sure to play with the colors and styles in the dresses collections to choose ‘ONE’ that goes best with your dreamy Halloween theme.

2. Plan A Budget

Halloween happens once a year. Also, the dress you will pick for Halloween night will only be a one-time costume. You can neither reuse it for other occasions nor bring it into play for the next Halloween. Thus, there is no sense in spending whooping dollars while shopping for Halloween dresses.

One of the best tips for Halloween dresses shopping is to plan your budget in advance and stick to it throughout. Additionally, you can take pleasure in clearance sales and seasonal sales online to save your big bucks.

3. Regard The Group Costume

Teenagers mostly go on ‘trick and treating’ with friends. If you, too, have the same plan, opt for the style that matches the dresses of other members of your team. You can also decide on a particular Halloween theme and twin your outfits for a memorable experience.


Accessories are what make a Halloween dress hunkier. So, they are a big yes if you want to make your Halloween costume spectacular and stand out.


Here are some amazing Halloween accessories ideas for you, based on different types of Halloween look -

  • WITCH - Black hat, fishnet or sheer tights, and gloves
  • ZOMBIE - Bohemian necklace and weird headband
  • COWGIRL - High brown boots, hat, and bandana
  • CANDY GIRL - Feminine hairpins, white tights, pink shoes, and colorful ribbon
  • VAMPIRE - spider motif necklace and crown


Let’s accept it - makeup is the foremost part of the Halloween look! Thus, this appalling night is a chance for you to get wholly creative with your makeup skills.

NNo doubt, you have to go spooky with your Halloween makeup, but at the same time, you need to stand out to win the Halloween Queen Award for the best look. And, that’s only possible if you know the right tips and tricks. Let’s talk about that!


1. Spice Up Your Nail Art

Let every part of your fashionable Halloween look haunt the hell out of evil spirits. Besides dresses and accessories, you can plan to turn your nails petrifying with intriguing nail art. From the pumpkin to the spider web designs, you have ample choices to color your nails spooky this Halloween.

2. Try Bold Eye Makeup

There is no such thing as subtle makeup on Halloween. On the night of 31st October, you have the golden opportunity to experiment with your eye makeup. Start by applying bold cat-shaped eyeliner with a pencil or liquid eyeliner.

You can also turn your eyes smokey with black eye shadow. Don’t forget to use glitter over the eye shadow to let your eyes shine even from the far. Additionally, you are supposed to use red eye shadow for clown makeup to bring out your wit.

3. Apply Bold Lipstick Shades

Lipstick speaks louder than words! On Halloween, you get to highlight your bold side by applying the bold shaded lipstick. Dark orange, purple, green, red, and black lip colors are seamless choices to make even your cute face look chilling.

Out of all the lip shades, red and black are impeccable for a vampire, witch, or zombie makeup for Halloween. Of course, you can also sprinkle glitter on your lips for other types of looks to throw sass around like confetti.

Use Water Based Paints

Be it a witch, vampire, zombie, ghost, or skeleton makeup; you have to choose paints to color your face. We suggest you opt for only water-based paints for such creative makeup as they are specially made for the human skin. Moreover, they get washed off easily, helping you have relief after the nutsy celebration.



Halloween is upon us now! As you would not like to miss out on the crazy and magical time of the year, the best time to start preparing for the blast is right now. Kick off your arrangements by shopping for dreamy Halloween dresses from the designer collections. Make sure to consider all the tips and tricks mentioned above regarding dress colors, accessories, and makeup to accentuate your Halloween look to OTT.

Hurry, ADASA is waiting for you to jump into the voguish Halloween dresses assortment to scare everyone in style.

Happy Halloween!