How to Perfectly Choose the Dress for your Body Type

How to Perfectly Choose the Dress for your Body Type

One reason that our dress doesn’t look good on us is due to the fact that it is not the one made for us. Considering your body type when choosing what dress to wear is what we need to confidently showcase our curves. Every curve of a woman is sexy and appealing. So, you are sexy no matter what your body is. To carefully choose the dress that will fit you, here’s what you need to know:

Triangle or Pear Shaped

If you have this body type, here’s what you need to know. With your fuller hips, narrow shoulders and small waist you will look sexy in almost any styles of dresses. A-line dresses and mermaid dresses are perfect for you. It will accentuate your small waist and emphasize narrow hips. And beside those, peplum dresses will look perfect to you as well!



Check this lists:

This asymmetrical draped high low prom dress is perfect for you. With its paneled fold over, high low hem and sweep train your body curves will highlight, making you dazzle in the crowd. If you prefer a mermaid dress, then take a look at this.



This sweetheart mermaid evening gown will feature your curves up to down. The spaghetti strap adds a glamorous effect making it look stunning.


Peplum styles is perfect to accentuate your waist. With this floral appliques strapless peplum gown, you will be the graceful lady in your event.

Rectangle or Straight Body Shape

If you’re quite confused then I’ll let you know that this body shape has equal proportion-hip, bust and shoulders. This is also called an “athletic build”, your waistline is straight instead of curvy. Celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz and even Duchess Kate Middleton have rectangular body shapes. With a perfect chosen dress you will stand out. These are the dresses you can wear:.


Have a Fit and Flare Dress to Make you Stand Out

Fit and flare style is perfectly fit with a rectangle body shape. It accentuates your waist and adds a flowy touch on the skirt to make your body shape look stunning.


Stylish Ruched to Have

Get these ruched style dresses that will elevate your body shape to create an hourglass shape. Have a look of elegance and class to your special event.

Spoon Body Shape

You might be thinking that it is not different from pear body shape but it really is different. To this kind of body shape, they have smaller bust, narrower shoulders and broader hips compared to pear shape. Nevertheless, you will still have your perfect dress, Let's list it down,


Stun in Empire Waist Dress

With an empire waist dresses, it will accentuate your waist with its sweep train skirt that will flow towards your hips featuring your curves. Enter the party and awe everyone on how stunning you are.


Bare Shoulder

Reveal your charming shoulder with these strapless dresses that are perfect for your spoon body shape. Have a lavish look to remember

Round Body Shape

Some might be thinking that they can’t wear stunning dresses for this body type. Worry-not cause here in couture candy, we have the dresses you can wear in your event. Your upper body is bigger than your lower body and has slim hips that’s why we are here to help you choose the perfect dress for your body type. Let’s get through it!


Be Bold in V-Neck

You can choose between deep v-neck dresses or low v-neck dresses, this will minimize the broad look of your upper body as the design will focus on your chest that will accentuate it. Slay and get sassy cause your perfect dress is here!


Get a Look with Asymmetrical Dress

One-shoulder dresses are what you need to wear for your special event. With this sweetheart lace applique trumpet dress, you will surely have a look that will envy everyone!



Hour Glass Body Shape

For the body shape that everyone likes to have, in this body shape, your bust and hips are nearly in equal size as you have defined waist that make you look really charming. Here are the list of dresses that is best for you:


Showcase your Natural Curves

Fit and flare dresses are perfect for you. It will flatter your natural curves perfectly, it will accentuate your waist and flow down to your hips glamorously!


Perfect In Wrapped



You’ll have the perfect look when you choose wrap dresses as it will feature your curves sexily and stunningly. Have a night to remember with your perfect dress.



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