Prom Dresses 2023: Guide To Adding A Pop Of Color To Your Prom Look

Prom Dresses 2024: Guide To Adding A Pop Of Color To Your Prom Look

PROM, one of the most magical nights of the year, is again on the cards for high schoolers. With 2021 winding up soon, teenagers are already excited to prepare for their gala Prom 2024. After all, it is always the foremost hot topic at the start of the school year.

The best part about being a part of the prom is shopping for prom dresses on sale, especially for girls. Whether fashion buff or not, all girls like to flaunt a trailblazing style statement on the big night. However, choosing the perfect ‘ONE’ out of endless options isn’t a cinch. You have to consider a lot of factors before making the right choice. One such most important task is deciding on the color palette.

That’s right; a dress color plays a major role in adding a tinge of cheerfulness to your personality and helps you appear attractive. So, here we unveil everything about adding the right pop of color to flatter your prom look in 2024.

Let’s talk about it!


Colors are the soul of fashion. The right color can let you express your personality without having to speak a word. The best part about dolling up in colorful dresses is that they influence your ideas, emotions, and thoughts, thus helping to strike an intriguing impression in the crowd.


Talking particularly about prom fashion, the teenage fashion world passionately offers oodles of colors options in prom dresses. From bold & beautiful black, red, blue, and green to pretty pastels and blush, you can take pleasure in any color of your choice. While the light or pastel prom dress colors bring out the cuteness of prom girls, the dark colors, on the other hand, amp up their appeal and confidence. In short, every color in prom fashion tells a different story about an individual’s mood and personality.


Coco Chanel already said, “The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.” In other words, it is not the popularity of color but its suitability that accentuates your personality to OTT.

Here’s what you need to consider before finding the seamless color in prom dresses on sale in 2024.

1. Season

The season is one of the key factors in deciding the color for the dress. As prom is usually organized in spring or summer, you can go for cool colors like pink, green, blue, yellow, and all shades of pastels to appear blossoming like spring flowers.

2. Time Of The Day

Based on whether your prom is held in the day or at night, you ought to pick the different colors. For example, light and pastel-hued prom dress styles are AM-friendly. On the other hand, night glam calls for bold colors like black, dark blue, red, and others to brighten the event vibes.

3. Physical Attributes Of Wearer

Skin color is the most important factor when it comes to opting for the enhancing prom dress color. Besides, eye color, hair color, and body size also matter.

If you are curvy, you can create an illusion of a slimmer look by shopping for black or dark-toned plus size dresses on clearance sales or seasonal sales. Additionally, the petite girls are suggested to dress up in white or light prom outfits to elevate their personality.

4. Fashion Trends

There is no denying the fact that fashion trends keep on evolving every year. If you follow the latest trends in popular prom dress colors, we promise you will stay ahead of the fashion game in 2024.

Apart from the already mentioned Avant-garde prom dress colors for 2024, you can do your own research. Go through online blogs, magazines articles, or follow Instagram influencers for better ideas.


Do you know one of the biggest secrets to dress up to the nines for gala prom? It’s - let the color of a prom dress flatter the skin tone!

You got it right; when the prom dress color matches your complexion, you look a hundred times more beautiful than usual. To find one, you should detect your skin’s surface tone and undertone.

Depending on different types of skin tones, here are some top color choices in prom couture -

Light Or Fair Skin Tone

Got a light or fair skin tone? Hook for rich colors like red and hot pink. Indeed, you will also look captivating in peachy pastel shades and jewel tones. Interestingly, all these color options are easily available in exclusive prom dress styles in 2024 on sale.

However, you should steer clear of bright neon colors and white dresses as they will wash out your skin.

Olive Skin Tone

To all the girls with olive skin tone, how does it feel to be almighty’s favorite? Literally, you can pull off any hue in prom dresses on sale, be it pastel or dark. Nevertheless, if you particularly wish for something OTT, go for bright shades of pink, coral, vibrant red, or orange to cut a dash.

Medium Skin Tone

Medium skin-toned girls can create a mesmerizing style statement by dressing up in jewel-hued prom dresses. Any shade from the blue and green family, especially emerald and turquoise, is meant for such hot girls.

Dark Skin Tone

Pastel colors and bright jewel tones are a picture-perfect choice for darker skin tones. Besides, the universally rich shades like romantic red and glitzy metallic also accentuate dark skin. You girls can also stick to the whimsical white for an out of the world appearance.


Color-mixing is an art! You need to be a pro at it, especially when you plan to opt for two-piece prom dresses on sale or have to wear a jacket or blazer over the dress. Here’s how -

1. Understand The Color Wheel

The first step in mastering the concept of color mixing is to understand the color wheel. It usually consists of primary and secondary colors in the shape of a wheel. The rule is to find the complementary colors for your dress combination. You can do so by mixing two colors that are the exact opposite of each other on the color wheel.

2. Apply Color Wheel To Your Dresses

After grasping the color wheel’s order, you can apply it to your prom dress choice in many ways. For instance, mix neutral (black, white, brown) and bright colors (silver, metallic, gold) to create a bold look. On the other hand, try prom dresses on clearance sale made of complementary colors to embrace the fun in fashion.

Lastly, if you still find it hard to mix colors seamlessly, you can choose a monochromatic prom outfit to bring out your inner boss lady.


Your prom look is always incomplete without picturesque prom makeup, no matter how beautiful the dress is. If you doubt whether the color of your prom dress impacts the makeup choice, the answer is an obvious YES.

Depending on your prom dress colors, you can create different prom makeup looks to be a showstopper of the night.

Say, for example -

If you wear a pink prom dress bought at affordable prices on sale, you can marry it with baby pink or peach lip and pink blush for a natural prom look in hot summer. The same applies to other pastel colors like baby blue, blush, lavender, mint, smoke, etc.

On the flip side, neutral yet rich dress colors like blue, black, and red are best to go with both bold and simple makeup look for a prom affair. Red with a red lip, black with a red lip, and blue with hot pink lip are some sizzling options to flaunt your daring fashionista side. Of course, you can also get a little overboard by creating a bold prom makeup look with green, yellow, purple, and burgundy dresses.


Yay, prom 2024is coming up. From shopping the impeccable color in prom dresses on sale to complementing the outfit with flawless makeup, you have to be hot to trot for everything in advance. We hope our guide will help you enjoy the best shopping experience for your most awaited dance night.

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We wish you a happy and colorful prom!