Prom Hacks For Curvy Girls: How To Look Stunning All Night Long

Prom Hacks For Curvy Girls: How To Look Stunning All Night Long

“Reminder: Your curves are beautiful, flaunt them unapologetically”

Sexy comes in all shapes and sizes - Hollywood is the biggest example of this! From Kim Kardashian to Beyoncé, there are many daredevil celebrities who favor body positivity and proudly show off what their mama gave them. Now, it’s your time to kill stereotypes and break new ground in the fashion world by flaunting the real YOU.

So, hello there, curvy girls!

Are you all set to embrace your curves and stun everyone with your confidence? If yes, what’s a better occasion than prom to make it happen?

Yes, you heard us right! Prom is just around the corner, which means you have a perfect excuse to upgrade your OOTD game. But, if you’re feeling stuck in a style rut or don’t know how to choose the perfect plus size prom dress, then read on our expert fashion hacks, with bonus tips on how to look (and feel) stunning all night long.

Here you go!

Look For The Right Silhouette

Of course, you’re free to choose what you like. However, if your dream is to create a flawless look for your big high-school night, A-line dresses are your BFF. They are fitted to your waist and then flare out gradually to the hem.

The magic in a-line dress is that they minimize the midsection, hips, thighs and draw attention to your best features. Simply put, a-line is the most universally flattering shape that can help you look wonderful and channelize your inner princess if worn in the right way.

Good News: There is no end to styles, colors, prints, patterns, and details when it comes to a-line dressesM. You can also pick a plus size two-piece prom dress in a-line shape if you’re passionate about standing out from the crowd.

Ensure The Perfect Fit

Most curvy girls think that loose, baggy dresses camouflage their weight. But that’s not how it works! In reality, they add more volume and make you look bigger than you actually are.

The right thing to do is choose an outfit that fits you well. A dress that skims your waist, as well as your front, is the *one* meant for your prom night.

Opt For V-Neckline Over Round One

The V-neckline is not just versatile but also magical. It adds a lengthening effect to your neckline, making it look elongated. Given that, a wrap dress is a perfect choice to appear as pretty as a picture at the prom night, as it forms a natural V when adorn.

Are you a bit more into a sassy and spicy style game? You can also consider a plunging v-neckline. After all, a little show of your cleavage will help flatter your upper body. Peep into this v-neck ruffled shoulder plus size prom and dance dress by Mac Duggal for the proof.

Add A Pop Of Color

You may have heard a lot that monochromatic is slimming. Yes, it’s true to some extent, but it doesn’t mean that you have to stick to boring solids every time you dress for special occasions.

Unless you’re all heart at monochromatic plus size prom dresses, don’t be afraid of adding a pop of color to your outfit. Try playing with different fabrics and textures in the same colors or accessorize using colorful jewelry, handbags, belts, or shoes. This way, you will have more fun while dressing up.

Remember, there are rules when it comes to colors. From dark to pastels, you can pick any color of your choice as long as you know how to carry it in the right way.

Put On A Belt

Want to know one more secret trick to define your waist? Use a belt!

When placed below the bra (instead of the actual waistline), a slim belt helps you create an illusion of an hourglass figure. We strongly suggest wearing a belt with a multi-layered prom dress for curvy girls.

Bonus? It will help you add a standout touch to your ensemble, making you look more fashionable than before.

Right Shoes Matter!

Cinderella is proof that the right pair of shoes can change your life. Yes, we aren’t kidding. If you wear the wrong shoes, you’ll end up spoiling your entire outfit, no matter how elegant or classy it is.

Go for shoes with an ankle strap. They are stylish and super comfortable - perfect for dancing the night away. If you prefer a chic look, you can wholeheartedly look for ankle-length boots or high-top sneakers to pair with your short or long sleeve plus size prom dress.

Stay Confident & Have Fun!

Confidence is the best accessory to enhance your allures. If you desire to break the stereotypes and set new trends, be confident and show what you love about your body. Do you like your legs? Wear a slit dress. Do you find your décolletage sexy? Choose a plunging neckline.

In short, show your best features to the world without feeling shy. No one can stop you from shining, then!

Ready To Dress Up Your Curves?

Now let’s accept it, girls - size doesn’t define beauty! So, care no more about what people think of you - just listen to your heart and make your every fashion fantasy come true.

If you are already fascinated to drop a bombshell, lose no time and get your hands on hot trending plus size prom dresses at ADASA. Pair it with the right pair of shoes, accessories, and makeup, and you are all good to cut a dash.

Flaunt what you’ve got!