Prom Vs Homecoming: Real Difference Between The Two High School Events

Prom Vs Homecoming: Real Difference Between The Two High School Events

High school events are a valuable part of American culture. Not only do they provide a reason for students to enjoy themselves but also create a sense of community among them. Above all, they come up with a chance to dress up to the nines. That’s right; we are talking about two popular high school events organized every year - Prom & Homecoming.

All students passionately take part in the fun activities in both the events, including dance and games. Girls get tickled pink a way advance thinking about curating the exclusive looks with prom dresses and homecoming dresses on sale offered by A-list designers.

While the level of craze for prom and homecoming is the same among high school teenagers, the two events are considerably different in many terms. Did you already know about it? If not, don’t worry because here we present everything about prom vs homecoming difference and what you should consider to pull off the look for these two biggest high school dances of the year.

Let’s get started!


What is prom?’ - asks no teenager ever. After all, it is the most popular high school dance among senior year students. Also known as Promenade, this formal event is celebrated every year in spring or summer with panache.

Are you wondering what happens at prom? The gala-night revolves around having a date, formal prom dresses, dazzling dance, dinner, and a lot of fun. The whole purpose of arranging prom in the senior year of high school is to help students develop their social skills. Students, one male and one female, who exemplify the qualities of SGHS, are recognized with the honorary titles - Prom King and Prom Queen.


If you ask what is homecoming or what is HoCo, the Cambridge dictionary defines it as “ a celebration at school or college.” In clear words, a homecoming is a semi-formal event organized by high schools, colleges, or universities to welcome former students or members back to the organization.

It is a week-long event filled with fun, joy, and fashion. Dance, football, and parade are three leading recreational activities at homecoming. Usually held in fall (September to October), this high schoolers’ affair calls attendees to dress up in heavenly yet affordable homecoming dresses of their choice. While the boys appear all handsome in jackets and ties, girls plump for short homecoming dresses on a clearance sale to create a casual yet charming statement.


Prom History

Prom has been a part of American tradition for more than 100 years now. This high school festive night is all about letting teenagers paint the town red. As it is a dream of many schoolers, it would be interesting to imagine how and why prom sprung out and became the best part of our lives.

Talking a little deep about the history of prom, it began in the mid to late 1800s in the North Easterns’ colleges and universities to espouse social etiquettes among senior year students. Later, by the 1940s, this youthful beanfeast entirely took hold in many parts of the world. It is fortunate to note that prom is still alive everywhere and is celebrated with more pomp and pizzazz than ever before.

Homecoming History

Just like prom, the history of homecoming gives wings to the dreams of youngsters and former students. Though the official homecoming celebrations began in the 20th century, many colleges used to host alumni football games while bringing back the past members to either participate or watch for the fun.

Not to forget - the first homecoming game was played in 1914 on the Northrop field. In the same year, the first homecoming dance was held among students, while they were all dressed up at their best. Sadly, the occasion was put to hold for a few years after 1918, but the cock-a-hoop days were again back in 1924 when the next homecoming game was played. Ever since then, homecoming has been like a frolicking festival that no student would like to miss.


Both prom and homecoming usher in moments of joy, love, and smiles. Nevertheless, the two events require special attention on how they are different from each other.

Here’s what you need to know about prom vs homecoming difference in a glance!

  • A prom is a formal event, whereas homecoming is a semi-formal or casual event.
  • Prom is mostly held in spring (March To May), whereas a homecoming is a fall event organized in September or October.
  • Prom is open only to high school or senior year students, whereas homecoming is meant for high school students and school alumni.
  • Prom calls for formal dresses or long evening gowns, whereas homecoming dresses on sale are usually casual.
  • Prom requires girls to wear high heels for a glamorous statement, whereas homecoming is good to go in flats to embrace comfort during the football and games sessions.
  • Prom is more expensive than homecoming in all terms.


‘Dress To Impress’ is a golden rule for girls for both prom and homecoming. However, some with low fashion know-how struggle with a lot of doubts. ‘What to wear at HoCo?’ ‘Can I wear a prom dress to homecoming?’ - All such queries often lead a girl to jumble during shopping.

If you are one among them, we are here to save your bacon. Check out details about homecoming vs prom dresses on sale to create a perfect fashion statement.

Prom Dresses

Prom being a formal affair calls for formal long prom dresses for girls. Floor-length gowns with a modest flare are one of the most common prom styles. Besides flowy a-line or ball gowns, girls can also go for mermaid, trumpet, and sheath long prom dresses on clearance sale that flatter their body shape to brilliance.

This is not merely it! Knee-length and high-low prom dresses on sale are also prom-approved styles. Wearing the ‘ONE’ in line with trends can help a girl stand out from the crowd in a good way. What’s more? Fashionistas can consider jumpsuits or dressy pantsuits as voguish alternatives to prom gowns and dresses.

Homecoming Dresses

Unlike prom, homecoming is a semi-formal high-school extravaganza. Thus, girls and women can wholeheartedly go for short party dresses on sale or cute casual dresses for homecoming. This will help a female attendee feel on the loose during a football game or homecoming dance.

If your school is having a glam-studded homecoming blowout, you can cherry-pick the stylish sequin, beaded, and embellished short homecoming dresses on sale. Cute yet comfortable knee-length and high-low homecoming dresses on sale are also acceptable, especially in case the dress code of your school forbids you from showing too much skin.


No doubt, prom and homecoming dresses on sale are slightly different in style and format, but the rule to pick the perfect ensemble remains the same. Have a look below!

1. School Dress Code

The foremost thing to keep in mind before shopping for prom and homecoming dresses is your school dress code. Confirm if your school will accept the revealing dress styles or not. This will help you narrow down your choice and relish a fun shopping experience.

2. Perfect Fit

No matter how trendy or sexy a dress is, it will only look appealing if it fits seamlessly into your body. Thus, before shopping for a dress for your gala school day, make sure to have a squint at the size chart. In addition, consider your body shape to get hold of the style that accentuates your best features.

3. Right Fabric

Fabric plays a big role in dress shopping. The choice of fabric should depend on the season. For example, as prom is usually celebrated in spring or summer, you can opt for cheap yet charming long prom dresses in lace, tulle, georgette, or chiffon fabric to beat the heat in style. However, for homecoming dresses on sale, a little thicker fabric would work like wonder. Sequin, organza, silk, and tweed are some impeccable options.

4. Current Trends

Whether you are attending the high school event for the first time or have already been a part of it, staying in the frontline of the trends is vital. It is a sure-shot way to strike a unique impression in the crowd.

If you have no idea about the trends, make Instagram and Pinterest your BFFs. These social media platforms feature a lot of fashion content according to recent trends. You can also take some time out to read online blogs and magazine articles to be buff about the high school fashion trends.

5. Budget

Sticking to the budget is a key to stress-free shopping and real fun. In case you don’t have a high budget to take pleasure in expensive designs, fret not! You can still revamp your fashion game to OTT by going for affordable homecoming and prom dresses on clearance sale online.


Be it prom or homecoming, a high schooler would never like to miss a chance to dance in style. It is why choosing the picture-perfect dress separately for both events is important. And now that you already have an idea about prom vs homecoming dresses on sale, we guess it will be easy for you to shop, isn’t it?

If you are already excited about finding your dream dress for prom or homecoming, wait no more and run your eyes over ADASA. We offer a wide range of designer dresses for young girls to help them turn their heads into awe.

Hurry, let your magical night be mesmerizing like nothing else!