…Because dancing & dressing go hand in hand!

School dances are no less than fairy tales, especially to girls. The chance to find a perfect date, dancing and elegant dressing makes them the magical part of teenage years. What adds more fun to your high school dance extravaganza is, knowing what to wear and how to dress appropriately while still looking good.

However, if it’s your first time at the school dance, you might be a little confused about your formal dance dress shopping. But don’t worry! At ADASA, we got you covered with our top tips, trends, and ideas. So, get a shot of your stress and be dance-ready in no time!


1. Consider The Dress Code

Your school dance may be formal, semi-formal, or informal, each having its own dress code. So, before you head on to revamping your wardrobe, it’s a must to know what you can and can’t wear.

  • Formal School Dance: If it is formal, like winter formal or prom, you’re supposed to doll up in floor-length formal dresses for the dance. While ball gowns and a-line dresses are common styles for formal galas, you can also look for something sleek like sheath, mermaid, and trumpet as long as it flatters your body type.
  • Semi-Formal School Dance: Semi-formal school dances, like a homecoming, call for a stylish yet elegant outfit. Depending on your choice, you can opt for short, knee-length, or high-low semi-formal dance dresses to stand out unique in the crowd.
  • Informal School Dance: If it is an informal dance for holidays like Valentine’s Day or Christmas, you’re free to go a little more dazzling in short dance dresses. The hot trending styles like sequin, feather fringes, bead-embellished, and tiger prints can be your go-to choice to throw sass around like confetti.

2. Find Out What Your Date Is Wearing

You and your date don’t have to match for the school dance, but you may want to complement each other, at least. After all, it is a great way to steal all the spotlight!

If it’s a formal dance, the chances are that your date may be wearing a black or white tuxedo with a tie. If you are into complementing your outfit with what he is wearing, choose bold dress colors like navy blue, emerald, red, or fuchsia pink. They are universally flattering, perfect to set you apart in style.

3. Stay True To Your Style

Remember that your dance dress code is just a rough guideline. Though you’ve to stick to it, you can always add your own twist to give a standout touch. When in doubt, you can look for the dress that inspires you the most or makes you feel comfortable.

Your unique approach to style is what helps you appear confident. Besides, you’ll hardly bump into anyone wearing the same dress as yours.


Whether it’s an 8th-grade formal dance or high school dance gala, accessories can be your BFF in elevating your fashion game. The key is to keep a sense of balance.

If your dress for formal dance is already too embellished, bold accessories may overkill the look. Instead, stick to subtle accessories, such as studs, hoop earrings, a solid clutch, or anything that doesn’t have a lot of bling on it.

In the case of a simple, monochrome formal dance dress, you can add a hint of glitz and glam with statement accessories. Danglers, star crossed necklaces, fringed chain, and fancy hairbands - anything like this will help you make your simple outfit look stunning.

Takeaway: Dance The Night Away In Style!

It’s not every day that you get to put on dancing shoes and have fun with your school pals! Thus, ensure to make the most out of the unique chance. Dressing up stunning is a way to show off your enthusiasm, plus it helps you embrace the beauty of fashion.

At ADASA, we bring in top trending designer formal dance dresses on sale, meaning you can dance the night away in style without breaking the bank. So, wait no more and start shopping now.

Dress Up And Dance!