Spring Make-up to Look Forward this 2024

Spring Make-up to Look Forward this 2024

As the pandemic occurred we all stayed at home. Now that everything is slowly getting back to normal, we can now have some fun and put our make-ups on. I know that you totally miss going out flaunting  your beautiful eyeshadow palette and bold lipsticks. 

When it comes to makeup, our timelines are full of color, sparkle, and a much-needed dose of fun. The only rule appears to be that there aren't any; it's all about what makes you happy. However, if you're looking for inspiration, we've got plenty of makeup ideas to get you started.

Make-ups to Have

We all love wearing eyeliners but when it gets smudged due to sweat it’s quite annoying. To avoid this, here are some list of celebrity approved eyeliners to have:


Your Dramatic Eyeliner

For makeup artist Marcello Gutierrez, Fenty longwear eye pencil is the best if you love creamy texture and bright pigment to an eyeliner. It is also water-resistant with an easy-grip triangle shape. At certain times, being playful in putting on make-up is an art. 

Springkle the Shimmer

Moondust eyeshadows are back for this season. We all wanted to have a shining shimmering eyeshadow last season but we weren't able to do that due to the weather. But now, it is now time to sparkle your eyes with the glamorous touch of subtle iridescent eyeshadows. Now, it is time to know what make-up we should use for us to have sunset eyes.

Perfect Sunset Eyes

To have the perfect sunset eyes choose the best eyeshadow you can use. Well, I recommend the burnt orange matte from urban decay wherein you can partner it with black eyeliner to highlight your eyes making it look charming.

Hot in Pink

Pink never gets old for eyeshadow. If that is your favorite color for eyeshadow then I’m telling you that you can wear pink eyeshadow in all seasons. You’ll surely look surreal and sexy with your outfit on.

Get your Two-tone Eyeliner

Get tricky with two-tone eyeliner. If you’re tired of using just one color then you can do two. Just pick the perfect combination of your two-tone liner and you’re good to go. Boring liner no more! Let's get through your cheeks.


Get beautiful with your blush-on. Have a dramatic entrance with your hyper blush that will surely catch everyone’s attention. You might even look like a barbie doll with this on. Try using Patrick Ta’s Double-Take Creme & Powder Blush. Get sassy on your event.

Bold in Red

Get your red bold lipstick to wear at your event. This is always a choice for everyone and thus, it makes everyone wear it ooze with confidence. You will always look fresh and glamorous.

Get your Flushed Lips

If you don’t like putting red lipstick then have a flushed lip look. It will make you look younger and fresh for this season. Get your glossier lipstick and partner it with a beautiful smile that will charm everyone. 


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