The Corset Dress Trend Is Back: Here’s How To Pull It Off To Prom

The Corset Dress Trend Is Back: Here’s How To Pull It Off To Prom

If you're thinking about choosing a corset dress for your gala prom, you are in luck. The trend is back with the bang!

Corset dresses were the true regal aesthetics in the 1800s, the period that is distinctively known for its high fashion and culture. Women used to wear them to restrict waist and flatter figure to perfection. Though the rich satin lacing was a bit uncomfortable, they have been an important fashion trend to enhance the feminine charm and ooze the oomph - wink-wink *

It's no surprise that corset dresses are still worn well in the 20th century, with an evolution in the form of flexible shapes and silhouettes (thankfully, less painful!). Come 2022, these divine pieces have been revamped, hitting the red carpets and runways with an extra hint of pizzazz.

From Bella Hadid to Kendell Jenner, celebrities are obsessed with the corset dress trend. After all, they are now a sartorial choice to look uber-sexy and bring a defined structure to your shape. Fascinated much? If so, why not try this regal glam to your prom night and blaze the trail! We bet that wearing the *one* will help you walk like you own the room.

If you're unsure how to wear a corset dress with perfection, fret not. Here we have a complete guide on how to pull off this versatile trend to your most awaited high-school fiesta, prom.

Let's get started!


Picking the prom dress is an important decision; you have to ensure that the dress screams “elegance” and ideally blends in the event’s vibe. Let’s find out how the corset dress trend best fits these requirements!

1. Corset Dresses Are Beautiful

Corset bodice dresses are beautiful, elegant, and one-of-a-kind. They add a touch of magic to your style statement, making you look royal. If you are all into channelizing your inner princess or flaunt class, then you should definitely consider a corset gown for the prom.

2. Corset Dresses Make You Look Slimmer

Thanks to corset lacing, you can easily make your waist look defined (just like an hourglass!) and enhance the support to your bust and hips. On top of that, the dress flattens your stomach area, creating an illusion of a slimmer look. Must say - corset evening dresses are a BFF for curvy fashionistas.

3. Corset Dresses Are Available In All Possible Styles

Compared to the regal era, corset gowns and dresses have transformed into a more positive and sexy fashion statement, meaning you can enjoy them in a myriad of styles and shapes. Think of satin, lace, tulle, chiffon, and taffeta dress in mermaid and trumpet shape: they are at the top of the fashion chart right now.


As corset prom dresses are available in plentiful styles and silhouettes, you need to consider a few factors to end up making the right choice. Take a look at them!


Neutral shades like black, white, and blue are a top choice among girls. However, if you yearn to stand out from the crowd, go for a unique metallic or sparkling gold corset evening gown. Besides, you can also choose the bold fuchsia pink, orange, and lime shade, depending on what flatters your skin tone.


The choice of fabric mainly relies on the length of your dress. For long prom corset dresses, silk and satin are the most sought-after choice, as they naturally fall to the hem. On the other hand, short corset cocktail dresses call for stiff material like tulle. Tulle adds volume to the short cocktail dress and accentuates its layers.


The most common designs in corset dresses include strapless and spaghetti straps. However, if the dress code of your high-school event is strictly modest, you’d possibly like to seize a full-sleeved gothic-style gown. Of course, you can play with the style of sleeves to create interest.


Now that you are excited to incorporate a corset top evening gown into your wardrobe, it’s time to know how to dress it up for the prom in the best way.

Tip #1: Don’t Tie The Dress Too Much

It’s important to lace up the dress properly to look beautiful. However, make sure not to tie the lace too much. After all, you’d want to feel secure in your classy corset dress, not squeezed up. At the same time, the dress should not sit loosely on you; otherwise, it won’t accentuate your best features.

Tip #2: Find The Person To Help You Out

It is practically quite challenging to lace up the corset prom dress on your own. To avoid feeling nervous, you should find the right person who can help you fit into your dream dress: think of your mother, sister, or your girlfriend.

Tip #3: Wear A Right Bra

Most corset evening dresses have built-in cups, meaning you don’t need to wear a bra. Nevertheless, if your dress doesn’t have cups or you just want to add extra support to your big bust, make sure to go with an apt undergarment. Adhesive and stick-on bras are the two best choices to complement the classy corset dress.


Let’s accept it - corset dresses were never out of style. From the renaissance to the modern days of 2022, they remain the popular choice among females wishing to carry the royal charm. They make one feel elegant and define the body shape to excellence, after all!

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